27 November 2007

Uncertainty in the air: Abe Vigoda

So the way my brain works when it comes to music recommendations from others: they tell me, I take heed to their recommendations, then I forget because I'm catching up with other shit I've been meaning to get into, and then a few months or years later, I remember the initial conversation dealing with the aforementioned recommendations.

This go-round, it's about "tropical punk" rockers Abe Vigoda, straight outta L.A. I asked my roomie back in July if he went to the Fiery Furnaces show, and he said he went to see Abe Vigoda instead, and I figured, if he's opting to skip out on one of the most electrifying live acts ever to see Abe Vigoda, then they must be good shit.

But my skeptical nature had me asking why the hell people added yet another genre (tropical punk--really?). At first, I immediately thought The Futureheads. Yipes.

Then I listen to some tracks, and although I'm still uncertain if I would own an Abe Vigoda's album(s), I'm liking some of the tracks I've heard.

You can enjoy the whole Hype Machine page here (big fan of "Secret City"), and their Myspace page here.

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