23 November 2007

I'm Not There: Do I really want to see this?

The premise is beyond interesting, especially having six of Hollywood's most versatile actors (seriously, casting Cate Blanchett as one of the Bob Dylan personae is pretty brilliant) to portray Bob Dylan.

Nevertheless, and I know this is gonna force me into a Joan of Arc-esque treatment, but Bob Dylan does nothing for me--his persona, his music, and, honestly, his lyrics really aren't that profound to me.

"Dast you! How can you even have a music blog when you say such blasphemous things about America's greatest poet/radical/poet/radical/poet/radical? How can you even consider yourself as a lover of music?"

I've heard such things, and frankly, there've been better arguments. I sit and listen to Dylan worshippers and I continue to listen until they're done, and after two hours of persuasion attempts, I still don't see it. I've tried, but, ahhhh...over it.

They can't always be winners.


Mo DeVille said...

I'm not a Dylan worshipper. I'm a Dylan fan, but I completely respect your opinions of him. I'm not one of those over-hysterical fans that bashes everyone who doesn't like the same music as I do - diversity is what makes the world - and I felt obliged to post a comment for anyone who feels those worshippers are somewhat out of line.

Joan Baez once said "You either like Bobby or you don't, and if you do he goes right to the bone." I think what she said is true, which is why I think so many fans are "offended" when someone speaks against their idol. However, I applaud you for speaking your opinions in such a suave way - most people would just go into a fit about it. =)

I was eager to see I'm Not There for a while, then when it came out I didn't feel too rushed to see it. I absolutely agree that casting Cate Blanchett was brilliant. I heard she did an amazing job, and hope to see that when I watch the movie soon.

Thanks for this blog, I enjoyed reading it. =)

Amber said...

ah, why thank YOU for reading it. i really liked your comment.