20 November 2007

Pitchfork rides Deerhunter like crazy.

The year 2007 was definitely the year for Deerhunter. I was riding their jocks since Summer 2006, and then some earlier this year.

But it got really dull once the hype went into excessive mode. It seemed like Pitchfork had a daily Deerhunter watch as they posted just about everything from the band's blog.

Then in August, guitarist Colin Mee decided to quit the band due to the ridiculous hype, saying the kids only did one album--certainly not enough to get all the hooplah.

Pretty exhausting for Deerhunter, I imagine. So exhausting, that they decided to go on hiatus.

And, of course, Pitchfork reacts as if they found out that electronic dance music has retired as a genre.

Ease up, Pitchfork. Sheesh.

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