28 November 2007

Sarah Silverman is the new...

This guy.

Luckily, there aren't anymore lewd conduct laws where you violate them by saying "cunt," "tits and ass" and "fuck."

I shall elaborate on the brilliance of Lenny Bruce in another entry, but I will say he has paved the way for so many comedians, and I think it shines mostly through Sarah Silverman. Maybe she's possessed by his ghost. Who knows. Point is, she's f'in amazing and I just hope she doesn't get the treatment that Dave Chappelle dealt with when people realized what he was doing was too great. As we've learned in the comedy world, once you're deemed great, you're Public Enemy No. 1 (or a close 2nd or 3rd or...yeah, you get my point).

Exhibit A of the world's hateration:

The View never fails when they bring on a female guest, especially if their "edgy." Instead of applauding Silverman for her balls (though she got some of that in a sideways manner from Joy Behar, who herself is a B or C comedian), Barbra Walters, Rosie and Elisabeth, all imbeciles, mind you, they kept asking how long would it be until the world got enough of her antics. Silverman handled it well.

Then there's Exhibit B:

Silverman points out that the interviewer is treating her like a show monkey after he asks her to re-tell that joke that got her in trouble on Conan O'Brien in 2001. He then says, "Yes, now will you tap?"

But despite it all, she continues to do her. Keep that up, girlfriend.

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