27 November 2007

In Retrospect: The Coachmen, 1979

I stumbled across some early recordings of Thurston Moore back when he was in The Coachmen circa 1979, and I gotta say, my life got a little more complete.

Silver Jews' lead singer David Berman must have been listening to The Coachmen's Failure to Thrive when he created the band, because his vocals are a striking resemblance to Coachmen's lead vocalist JD King's. Kinda like how I felt when I was listening to Marc Bolan's early stuff with Tyrannosaurus Rex and how Devendra Banhart pretty much ripped Bolan's vocal chords from his throat. It's crazy.

You can enjoy the entire Failure to Thrive right here:
Thurston's Song
Girls Are Short
Household Word
Radical Lifestyle
Stay In My Room

Thanks, 24 Hour Party Pooper for these awesome mp3s.

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