25 February 2009

Jackie DeShannon Was Right All Along.

Because the world needs love more than anything, man. There's just too little of it.

I had a weird day today. Weird in that, "Whoa...what the hell's happening to us people?" way.

So this morning a woman who works next to me comes into the restaurant talking about her sugar mama and how she's used to open relationships and how she's been burned and doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore and blah blah blah. I'm listening to what she has to say and I'm thinking to myself, "Damn. That's just not how I roll."

Of course, nothing she said was appalling. What's appalling is the fact that turning away from love has become part of our culture now. And I'm just going by a) statistics and b) eye-witness accounts.

A Peruvan woman named Isabella works with me at another job and every week she learns new ways to converse with me other than non-verbal communication. Yesterday we were holding a pretty long conversaton without confusion. She told me she likes me because I'm always happy and she isn't happy because she's away from the rest of her family in Peru.

She has two kids and a husband, so I had a, "Hey, at least you have them!" type approach. She said in broken English that she loves her kids. So I asked in broken Spanish, "You..ti quiero...senor?", meaning if she loved her husband. She shook her head and said, "No. No bueno."

I paused...then I asked if she knew what "husband" was, and then asked once more.
"No..he no bueno...no good."

And I'm like...man...where the hell's the love? What the hell's gotten into us, especially during these dark times filled with cynicism, embitterment and despair? Shouldn't that make us want to turn to love more than ever? Or am I just asking rhetorical questions to a faceless, nameless audience? (Yes)

Whatever may have you, the only way to stay sane in this cut-throat world is to spread the love. Pretty simple shit here. I keep telling people lately that we tend to think that challenges make things hard on us, but the actual challenge is recognizing the fact that everything's pretty simple if you just accept things for what they are. And I'm talking to myself more than anybody on this matter.

I remember my Calculus teacher in high school asked me and a couple of more people to go to the board to figure out a problem (forget which kind...high school was so long ago). I did this essay-style technique--I'm talking seven lines of just numbers mixed with letters here. She comes to my answer and says, "You got it right...but you made it harder on yourself when all you had to do was (insert Calc babble) and you'd had your answer in two lines."

"Oh," I replied.

Story of my life!

But I digress. Point is--love, people. Just love.

What The World Needs Now Is Love - Jackie DeShannon

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