30 January 2009

What I've Been Doing

I missed writing. I really did. But honestly, my life really wasn't that eventful other than the fact that I discovered the true meaning of love and all that good shit. Yeah, I became that person. I never thought I'd get there. I was preparing myself for a Samantha Jones-esque lifestyle. Hey, that's all I knew (minus the willy-nilly sex-capades—I ain't mad at her, though).

Apparently, there's life outside of going to every cool band's show or going to every indie movie opening or going to the coolest restaurants or spending all my money on thrifting and new music and DVDs, blah blah blah. Granted, I still enjoy that kind of life, but it's definitely not a priority like it used to be. To tell the truth, I'm OK with that. Some things are just meant to not matter as much to you anymore.

I've been working, constantly on the grind since this time last year. Eh. Nothing too special. Just ready to not work in restaurants ever again (that is an entirely different entry). Dealing with people on a regular basis—bleh. It's fun until you realize that there are more idiots out there than awesome ones.

I also discovered that not everyone is what they seem, man. That, too, is an entirely different entry. I can go on and on about that. I've learned that my gut instinct on someone is much more precious than continuing a friendship with a fucking nut-case. Ha.

Oh, the glory of growing up. I love it. I just wanna give life a great, big hug and call it my baby while kissing it on the cheek and finely stroking its hair.

I want a house soon, dammit! Gimme a three-bedroom quaint house with hardwood floors, excluding the bedrooms, right now! And a lawn! And a nice, cozy finished basement! And a den! And a big kitchen! And a nice yard in a nice neighborhood with well-developed infrastructure!

Can you feel the enthusiasm? As Glenn Frey said--the heat is on! Oh, yeah!

I'm ready. And hopefully, my darlings, you are, too.

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