31 March 2008

Where are we right now?

While I do believe Oh-Eight will be our year--by "our," I mean those of us who have brains and like using them wisely--there are a handful of idiots who still want to live through an out-dated perspective.

Exhibit 90 trillion: Bossip posted an article about North Dakota State University students putting on a theatrical performance that includes one white kid in black face portraying Barack Obama receiving a lap dance from a stripper. Then you got two dudes in the background posing as cowboys simulating anal sex.


I'm gonna need for people to stop being stupid, wake the fuck up and be merry. Nobody has time for that shit. Except, of course, when you post a blog entry stating that fact. But that's besides the point.

Anyway, is racism the only card ignorant people can pull these days? You can't just clown people for being imbeciles anymore? Now, you gotta insert someone's race to try to cut deeper? Come now--smarten up, y'all.

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